Study #4.1 -- Due Friday Oct. 5

With your duet partner, create a map of the music that Stan has provided.  This map does not need to be in musical notation.  It should be a qualitative representation of how the music progresses and you should note all the major changes in the music that you observe (changes in meter, rhythm, tempo, texture, instrumentation, etc.).  Also, make note of structural features, like phrase lengths and repeating sections.   We suggest making your map before Wednesday's class, so that you can ask specific questions at that time, if you are having trouble. 

The second step in the assignment is to create a duet to the assigned music, making choices about how to go with and against various elements of the music, choosing whether the dancers will have the same relationship to the music or different relationships, and making choices about how to reflect the structure of the music. 

In collaborating, you could choose to improvise together to generate material; you could improvise separately and observe one another; you could pick out different elements of the music to follow; you could create material for each other; you could explore movement without the music and then figure out how to layer it in; you could plan out a joint approach to the structure of the music and then craft material that fits your plan; you could create a movement phrase and build a dance off varying this original sequence of movement.   Try several processes until you find one that works for you and your partner!

Due: Friday Oct. 5 in class

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