Calendar of Readings - Unit 5

Unit Five: Ceramics and Consumer Objects

Tuesday, Nov 6th -


Woodward, Understanding Material Culture pps 113 - 150

Thursday, Nov 8th -


Coutts, The Art of Ceramics, pps 15 - 45

Teasley, Riello and Adamson, Global Design History.  The Gloabal Renaissance: Cross-cultural objects in the early modern period pps 11 - 24

Tuesday, Nov 13th -


Gerritsen, Mc Dowall, Material Culture and the Other.   Journal of World History, Volume 23 Number 1 pp. 87 - 113

and choose one of the following:

Huang, From the Imperial Court to the International Art Market.  Journal of World History, Volume 23 Number 1  pp. 115 - 145

Anne E. C. McCants, Exotic Goods, Popular Consumption and the Standard of Living, Journal of World History, Volume 18, Number 4, December 2007, pp. 433-462

(Ritual Objects due for bisque firing)

Thursday, Nov 15th -


Sarah Archer, Kitchen Table Politics: ‘Obamaware’ Campaigns for Change, One Mug at a Time  BLOG

Nina Lobanov-Rostovsky, Soviet Propaganda Porcelain, Journal of Decorative and Propaganda Arts, Vol. 11, Russian/Soviet Theme Issue 2 (Winter, 1989) (pp. 126-141) JSTOR


Tuesday, Nov 20th -


Woodward, Understanding Material Culture  pp 151-176

review Appandurai (see Unit 1)


source images for decal project.  collect after market dishes to be decorated

Thursday, Nov 22nd -

PODCASTS: the history of the world in 100 objects -  dig deep and listen long - lots of ceramic objects - including Russian Revolutionary porcelain and Tang Dynasty figures

clinically proven to help with turkey digestion

Tuesday, Nov 27th -

STUDIO DAY -  we will be glazing/finishing our ritual objects and working on our decal project


"Molly Hatch's Moment", Ceramics Monthly  EBSCO link

"Making China in China", Article on Paul Matheiu

research Ai WeiWei's 'seed' project 

Thursday, Nov 29th -

PRESENTATIONS - that means y'all

Tuesday, Dec 4th - Last Day of Class! 

Critique and Closure


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