Calendar of Readings - Unit 4

Unit Four: Ceramics and Ritual

Tuesday, Oct 23rd - Ritual Objects and Material Culture


Gordon Lathrop, Holy Things: A Liturgical Theology, chapter 4 - THINGS pp 87 - 115

Suzanne Staubach, Clay; Chapter 11: Art, Toys, Goddesses and Fertility, pp 203 - 224  PDF

Thursday, Oct 25th - Japanese Tea Ceremony


Kakuzo Okakura, The Book of Tea, pgs. 1-72, but I totally recommend reading to the end of the book just because.  EBRARY

Tuesday, Oct 30th - Ceramics and Burial

Studio Day  (project due for the kiln  Nov. 13)


Suzanne Staubach, Clay; Chapter 12:  A Fitting Death  pp 225 - 244  PDF


Thursday, Nov 1st -


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