Calendar of Readings - Unit 3

Unit Three: Ceramics and the Economy

Tuesday, Oct 2nd - Introduction to the Silk Road and the Ancient Economy


Cultures in Motion : Mapping Key Contacts and Their Imprints in World History, Stearns, Peter N. Yale University Press, 2001; Intro, Chap. 1-3, 6. EBRARY

Lecture: Peter Brown at the

I also recommend the lectures at the same symposium by , , and

Thursday, Oct 4th - The Silk Road (Chinese Styles in Persia)


Kadoi, Yuka.  Edinburgh Studies in Islamic Art : Islamic Chinoiserie : The Art of Mongol Iran.  Edinburgh University Press, 2009.  Chapter 2, pp. 39-73.  EBRARY

Teusday, Oct 9th - Amphorae and Mediterranean Trade


Image Collection at Artstor

Plus Choose One of the Following:

Matthew Loughton, "Distribution of Republican Amphorae in France," Oxford Journal of Archeology, 22:2 (2003): 177-207.

Barone, et al., "Archaeometric Analyses on Corinthian B Transport Amphorae found at Gela (Sicily, Italy)," in Archaeometry, 46:4 (2004): 553-68.

Felix Teichner and Lluis Pons Pujol, "Roman Amphora Trade Across the Straits of Gibraltar: An Ancient 'Anti-Economic Practice?'" in Oxford Journal of Archeology 27:3 (2008): 303-314.

Thursday, Oct 11th - Mass Production in the Incan Empire


 D'Altroy, Terence N.  and Christine A. Hastorf, Empire and Domestic Economy (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001), chap. 9 (203-243).

Tuesday, Oct 16th - Hendricks Days

Thursday, Oct 18th - Midterm Course Contemplation

No Reading Assignment - See the Final Project Forum for the class preparation description.

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