Course Requirements and Policies


In this course, grading will be based on several short essays analysing ceramic objects, both ancient and modern, as well as on some work with clay itself to produce objects. For the full description and weighting of all assignments, see the "Description of Assignments" Page.  In general, late papers and written work will be accepted for full credit in this course.  However, papers submitted more than a week late will note receive feedback, something that will be key for writing other analysis essays in the course. 

In contrast, any physical work with clay cannot be accepted late - the eating object, the ritual object, and the decal project.  There will be a specific firing schedule for the clay itself and if you miss one of the firing deadlines, the kiln cannot be run for individual pieces.  There will be some studio time in class to help get these pieces done, but some outside work will also be required to complete them in a timely manner.


Participation will be a large portion of the grade of this course.  Missing studio sessions will make it difficult to complete the physical assignments, and excessive missed abscence in the regular course will quickly reduce your participation grade and make it increasingly difficult to pass the course.

Variable Credit

Because of the participatory nature of this course and the studio component, variable credit will not be available.

And, if you've actually made it this far reading through the usual bland regulatory regime, we'd just like you to know that snacks are strongly encouraged (both for you, and for us...)

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