Study #3 -- Due Friday Sept. 28

Choreography Assignment:  Dancing to YOUR music

This week you may choose music from your own collection. 

Make a 1-2 minute dance in which you in which you explore both:

Dancing with the music.  Make note of what parts of the music you are dancing with: the rhythm, the melody, the texture, the meter, the rhythm or melody of a particular instrument, etc. 

Dancing against the music.   Deliberately contrast the music and make note of what aspects of the music you are contrasting.  How can  you create irony or tension by going against the expectations that the music sets up?

Be very clear about how you are working with your music and make notes to bring to class about what you are working with and what you are working against.  In the notes, use the musical language you’ve learned in class (as appropriate) and fill in the gaps in your knowledge of musical terminology with everyday descriptive language.  Bring a copy of these notes that you can hand in.

Decide how your material that works with the music will intersect with your material that works against the music – will they happen at the same time in different dancers’ bodies?  Will you dance one section and then the other? Will you move back and forth between the two?  Will you manage to hold both in your body at once?

As with all of our assignments, you may use multiple dancers, sets, props, costumes, text,  etc.  You  should also create a clear beginning, middle and end to your dance.


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