Due Thursday Sept. 20: Karen Sherman lexicon and writing

Writing Assignment for Karen Sherman performance

1. Make a lexicon (i.e. a big list of all the words and short phrases that come to mind as you observe, describe, and reflect on the performance).

2. Drawing from your lexicon, write a paragraph about one of your observations of the performance.  You may be as creative as you'd like in this writing as long as your observation is grounded in the work itself and your writing draws upon the language of your lexicon.

Due: Via email before class on Thursday Sept. 20

REMINDER: We are going to see STREB in performance on Thursday Sept. 20.  We will depart from campus at 6:30pm and return by 11:30pm. 

There are 3 short reviews and one book chapter posted on Courses for you to read for this Thursday.  We'll discuss them on the way to the show.

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