Study #2.2 -- Due Friday Sept. 21

Deepen and Extend your Sept. 14 study

1. Review your notes on the feedback you received. Watch the video of your in class performances from Friday.  (Videos taken on the class camera are still in the camera in the studio.  Videos from my computer will be posted on Courses.)  Draw upon the feedback and your own assessment of the work to REVISE your choreography. 

2.  Make more of your work.  This could mean EXTENDing the length of the piece or DEEPENing the complexity of the work within the frame you've already established.    In particular, explore your movement material and create more movement.  Deepen the complexity and physicality of your movement.  Play with rhythms and movement qualities.  Give the work its own physical momentum.  Especially for those working with narrative meaning, work on how you can communicate your ideas through the movement (rather than relying on meaningful glances, pantomime or facial expressions).  Visual focus and acting techniques can and will be a part of your work, but allow these to support your choreography rather than be the driving force of your work.

3. Give the work a clear beginning, middle and end.

4.  Make a choice about sound.  You may (a) continue working in silence, (b) use the music that Stan brought to your piece, or (c) add other music/sound of your choosing.   Stan has offered himself as a resource to meet with any of you this week and help you find music.

I am also happy to talk with any of you this week about your work if you would like further ideas about directions to go in. 

Due in class Friday Sept. 21

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