Videos for Friday Sept. 7

Below you will find a collection of videos of whole pieces or single excerpts (no compilations of excerpts, as these are usually taken out of their original musical context.)

Watch each piece first without music.  Can you sense the pulse or meter of the music from watching the movement?   If so, what do you think the meter of the music is? Is it simple or complex?

Then watch each piece again with music.  How does the music inform your reading of the movement?  What do you see differently in the movement when you hear the music?  Do the music and dancing comment upon one another?  What do you notice about how the music and choreography relate?

Pick one piece and write down your answers to the above questions.

Come to class prepared to talk about all of the videos.

Written portion due on paper in class or via email before class. 

"Hasta Donde" by Sharon Fridman


“On the nature of Daylight” by David Dawson


“Wet Woman” by Sylvie Guillem


 “The Election of Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI” by Joshua Monten

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