Study #1 -- due Friday Sept. 7

Spend time listening to and moving with the tracks on the CDs provided for this assignment.  Let yourself be moved by the music.  Let yourself play with the moods, images, sensations, and ideas that the music evokes.  Give yourself time with this process. 


Eventually, choose one piece of music to explore more deeply.  Improvise with the music… and against the music.  See what different ways you can feel the music in your body.  If you have ideas or images, play with crafting some movement and then dancing it with the music. 


From your own explorations, gather movement that you like.  Then arrange this movement to travel on a single line from one point in space to another.   This is what you will show in class next Friday. 


One of the main challenges of choreographing is to remember your own creation.  Take time to practice your sequence so that your muscle memory can hold its specifics.   So that you have time to work on the skill of remembering specific movement, aim for only 1 minute of choreography this week; you do not have to fill the whole piece of music.     


Next Friday, we will take time to see each person’s 1 minute dance.  Since they are short and you are working on movement memory, we will watch each one twice.


In all of your assignments, you are welcome to use costumes, props, text, light, a specific location (other than the studio), or other dancers.  Even though many of you are just beginning to learn the basics of the choreographic craft, you don’t have to wait to begin making art. 

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