Proposal for Final Paper - Due Monday April 9

Research Paper (10-15 pages)

                  Topic Proposal Due: April 9

                  Optional Draft Due: April 27   (If you would like feedback on a rough draft, please submit by this date.)

                  Paper Due: May 5

Your final research paper is chance to dig more deeply into a subset of the ideas we've explored this semester.  The choice of topic is wide open.  What has captured your interest?  What question, artist, type of work, etc. do you want to learn more about?

For your paper, you will do research to gain information beyond what was presented in the course.  However, in writing, I expect you also to draw upon ideas from our class readings, discussions, and experiences where relevant, as a way of providing context for the questions raised by your research.  

Research methods in dance include reading primary and secondary sources, analyzing performances (live or on video), visiting sites where dance is taking place, and even exploring concepts in your own body.  I encourage you to make use of this diversity in exploring your chosen topic. 

For Monday, write up a proposal that describes what you would like to research and how you imagine going about that research.  If you are torn between several ideas, I encourage you to write each of them up, as the writing process may help clarify your thinking and the write up will give us a good starting point for discussion. 

As a reminder, the final paper is worth 30% of your grade.

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