Journal #5 -- Due Monday April 9

As always, you are welcome to use any of the prompts below if they help you to generate ideas for your journal writing.

Thinking about your Dancing

What thoughts are coming up for you in your dancing lately?  Where does your attention go?  What intrigues, delights, frustrates, motivates, or inhibits you?  How did it work for you to examine your reactions to specific dances (in class on Thursday) and articulate some of those reactions in words?  Did this process affect your dancing later in class?  How can you use reflection to drive your own growth and exploration in CI dancing?  Where does reflection get in the way of your dancing?

Contact Jams

For those who have been to one or more contact jams, how is jamming similar to and different from taking class?   Take some time to think about and describe your experiences in jamming.  What internal states do you pass through?  What were the highlights and challenges of your recent jamming experience(s)?   What did/does jamming offer you that class does not?  What questions come up for you in navigating a jam space?  And if you attended the Earthdance jam, how was it to dance with people outside our class community? What did you discover through this experience? 


Contact Improvisation started as a performance form.  We do not focus much on performance in class, however take a moment to consider the possibility.  What do you think about the idea of improvisation as performance?  What is compelling or problematic about that notion for you?  What (if anything) do you find aesthetically interesting about contact improvisation?  Dream about a performance you would like to see. 

Length: 2 pages (typed single spaced or comparable amount hand written)

Due: Monday April 9 at or before the start of class

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