Conservation genetics & microsatellites

These readings are for the last section of the course: conservation genetics. One kind of genetic variation that is used to address questions about populations of organisms is the "microsatellite," also known as a "short tandem repeat (STR)." Another highly-repetive class of DNA is the minisatellite, also referred to as a "variable number of tandem repeats (VNTR)."

Plese read this portion of chapter 16 from Fundamental Molecular Biology, by Lizabeth Allison, as well as this article on wolverines by Dr. Michael Schwartz and colleagues. Dr. Schwartz will be speaking with us in class on Tuesday, April 10, about his work on the case of a mountian lion that apparently traveled from South Dakota all the way to New England. Sadly, the mountain lion was killed on a highway in Connecticut in June of 2011.

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