dance concert response assignments

There are three dance performances that you are required to attend. A response paper is due one week after the concert date.

  • Alumni Showing on 4/6. Response paper is due 4/13
  • Dionne Kamara master class, performance and discussion on 4/15. Response paper due 4/22
  • Cookie's Plan Performance on 4/21,4/22. Response paper due 4/29.

The resonse paper should be one page in length, type written, double spaced and submitted to me through email. Please touch on the following points in your paper:

  • What dance technique was used? If it was a mix of techniques try to identify them.
  • Was there anything balletic in the performance?
  • Would training in ballet be useful for this type of performance? Explain.
  • What did you like/dislike about the performance and performers?
  • Was there something you would have done differently if you were the choreographer/dancer?
  • What images and emotional responses resonated with you after the performance?
  • Would you have liked to have been in this performance? Why or why not?
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