Week 10. Disaster Response and Recovery Individual approaches

Monday. April 2. Khyl Lyndgaard

Thursday. April 5. Students go to placements




Sheryl St. Germain, "Midnight Oil"

Jeffrey Yang: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/entertainment/july-dec11/naturepoet_09-22.html


Please write one double-spaced page on the following (you may choose to focus primarily on one or two questions, or treat all of them): What is it about natural disasters that inspires writers? What are some of the most effective lines from St. Germain's poem, and why do they work? How should we write about "natural" disasters like the floods in Wilmington if Vermont, in the words of Governor Shumlin, will "see more storms, more water delivered to us in extreme forms, in great doses, as the scientists have been telling us for over two generations"?




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