Post Spring Break Calendar


Week 9:

Tuesday, March 27: Modern Mediterraneanism in Israel


Kimche, “Better Mediterraneanism than Arabism,” Jerusalem Post, 17 July, 2008.

Alexandra Nocke, The place of the Mediterranean in modern Israeli identity (BRILL, 2009). EBRARY
  Selections - 33-44 and 175-250.

Friday, March 30: Rock the Kasbah Discussion 

**NB: This discussion will be at 12:00 in Staples.  We will still have some class after the discussion but we will likely be completely finished by 2:00.


Wright, Rock the Kasbah, All or as much as possible over break.

Week 10:

Tuesday, April 3: Mediterraneanism from Florence


Herzfeld, “Practical Mediterraneanism,” in *RtM*, 45-63.

*MC* - All - Try to start this over Break!

Friday, April 6: Rock the Kasbah Continued...

There may or may not be a continuing discussion of Rock the Kasbah - depends on the first meeting.


None - we'll either do Kasbah, continue with Mediterranean Crossings or start group project work.


Week 11: Historiography Recap

            Tuesday, April 10:


Penelope Corfield, "Historians and the Return to the Diachronic," in Gelina Harlaftis, The New Ways of History: Developments in Historiography (I. B. Tauris, 2010), 13-34. EBRARY

Willie Thompson, What happened to history? (Pluto Press, 2000), pgs. 96-157 (focus on chap. 5). EBRARY

            Friday, April 13: Group Work


 TBA from the Submitted Bibliographies


Week 12: Group Discussions II

            Tuesday, April 17: Group Work


           Giddings, Franklin H. "Imperialism?" Political Science Quarterly 13.4 (1898): 585-605. JSTOR. The Academy of Political Science. Web. 15 Mar. 2012.

Menon, Rajan, and John R. Oneal. "Explaining Imperialism: The State of the Art as Reflected in Three Theories." Polity 19.2 (1986): 169-93. JSTOR. Palgrave Macmillan Journals. Web. 15 Mar. 2012. <>.

Bunche, Ralph J. "French and British Imperialism in West Africa." The Journal of Negro History 21.1 (1936): 31-46. JSTOR. Association for the Study of African American Life and History, Inc. Web. 15 Mar. 2012.

            Friday, April 20: Work Day - no class


No Reading - Video Presentations on your particular topics due uploaded by end of day.


Week 13:

Tuesday, April 24: An Imaginative Mediterranean


           Ghosh, In an Antique Land, all (yes it's long, so start sooner, but it's also literature and fun to read).

Friday, April 27: Work Day II


 There will be class, but we will be working on turning individual papers into the final group paper.  Individual papers are due by Wednesday, April 25 to give us all time to read them.


Week 14:

Tuesday, May 1: Final Class


None!  Not One Page!

Saturday, May 5: << Final Papers Due>>

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