Dreaming Dances -- Assignment for March 9 and 28

Take time to sift through all of the ideas you've been exposed to this semester and think about how YOU might like to use dance for social action.   What might you like to create?  Which approaches from the artists we've studied resonate with you?  What issues are you inspired to address?  What kinds of tactics seem most suited to these issues?   Or perhaps what issues seem most suited to the tactics that interest you?   Who is your target audience?  Where would you imagine the work being presented? 

Dream up one or more dances that you could imagine creating -- that you would be interested in creating -- for the purpose of social action.  You are welcome to construe the notion of choreography broadly (in the manner of David Gere).  In planning your dance, write your idea(s) out in detial, considering the many parameters that we've been using to discuss dances in class (who, where, when, why, what movement/music/costumes/lights/sets, who partners whom, how are space/time/energy used, what is the context, how does the work communicate, etc.).

Come up with as many ideas as you can and then pick at least one to flesh out in greater detail.  As we did in a group in class with your Occupy Wall st. dances, flesh out your idea so that you have a sense of how you'd make it and how it would function, what problems would arise and how you'd deal with them.  Think about what kind of process you'd need to create this work and to support its performance. 

Class on Friday March 9 is cancelled, so use this time to begin your thinking.  Also take time over break to mull over and develop your ideas.  You may choose to begin exploring physical movement for your idea(s) too, if you wish!

We will exchange written descriptions and discuss your ideas in class after break.

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