Assignments due Monday Feb. 27

Assignments for Monday Feb. 27:


(1)  Revise/rewrite paper #1

(2)  View Documentary film about “Still/HERE”

(3)  Read Chapter 1 of Nadine George Graves’s book about Urban Bush Women while keeping the following tasks in mind:

       (a)   Make a list of strategies (from UBW) that you could potentially use for your own work

       (b)  Embrace the spectrum of what’s possible in life and art by learning about some of Zollar’s concerns that may not be central to your own work.  Think about why it might be useful to know about these ideas even though they do not directly pertain to your identity as an artist. 



No written work due except the revised paper.

(My apologies for posting this so late.  Some trees blew down in my neighborhood this morning and I've been without power.) 

(Also, out of respect for the amount of work you have this weekend, I have reduced new readings to just one article.)

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