Midterm Self-Assessment Due Monday February 27


As we approach midterms, please take some time to reflect on your work in Int./Adv. Modern class this semester, using the following questions as a guide.


Given your prior experience with dance and your participation in class thus far this semester, what constitutes productive class participation for this course? 

What do you see as the strengths of your participation in class thus far?

What do you see as your areas for improvement (in terms of participation)?

Reflecting on how you see your classmates participating, what can you learn from them about how to put the most into (and get the most out of) our class time?


What have you been working on in class this semester? 

How have your goals in class developed over the weeks?

Do you feel that you've made progress since the start of the semester? In what ways?

What are you hoping to get out of the rest of this course?  What can you put into the course to help yourself get what you desire?  What help do you want from your instructor in your quest to acheive your goals?

Please submit your self-assessment on Monday Feb. 27.

Typed, double-spaced 2 pages minimum

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