Assignment for Children of Theater Street

Write a response paper after watching the video Children of Theater Street. The paper should be between 3-4 pages, type written, double spaced and must be emailed to me.

Here are some questions I would like to hear your answers on:

  • Would you have liked to have gone to a school like this? Why or Why not?
  • Do you think the children are happy? Why or Why not?
  • What are some similarities and differences between the kind of ballet they do at the Kirov versus the ballet we are experimenting with in class?
  • In the video, what methods and regiments do you agree with and which do you not agree with in regards to training dancers?
  • Do you like the way they dance? Why or why not?
  • Which character stood out for you the most? Explain why.
  • What did you learn from this video?
  • How do you think things have changed since this video was shot? What has not changed?


Enjoy the video!


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