Introduction to Anthropology
Short Paper Topics and Due Dates

The three remaining papers for this class have as their objective the elucidation of certain aspects of the culture of Marlboro College.  What, in particular, you focus on is up to you.  In the first paper, you will lay out two areas of potential focus and a strategy for carrying out fieldwork.  The second and third papers will be ethnographic; each will address a different cultural phenomenon and should be primarily descriptive although you should also, in a concluding paragraph or two, add some of your own interpretations and reflections on what you have learned.

Paper #1 (due Tuesday, 10/7):  This paper should address the following questions:  What two aspects of Marlboro culture would you like to investigate?  Where (in terms of precise physical locations) will you carry out your fieldwork?  Who will your informants be?  What do you think you will find out?  What difficulties do you anticipate?  What will you do to carry out your field work?

Paper #2 (due Tuesday, 11/4):

a.  Introduction: What will you be talking about in this paper, and in what order?

b.  Field Work Methods: How did you select these aspects of Marlboro culture?  How do you make contact with informants?  Describe them.  What methods did you use? Any particular problems come up?

c.  The Setting: Describe physical setting.

d.  Cultural Description:  Describe the cultural aspects you have learned about, observed and participated in.  What kind of categories did your informants use and how are they defined?  What is the relationship here between these categories and the behaviors of your informants and others who you have observed?

e.  Conclusion: Reflect upon your data.  Can you make any tentative interpretations?  What would you research in more depth in the future? What would you do differently if you were to start all over?

Paper #3 (due Tuesday, 11/25):  Follow the directions for paper #2.

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