Journal #1 -- Due Monday January 30

Journals will be used in this course for reflecting on your experiences with contact improvisation. At least once a week, take some time to reflect on your experiences with CI through writing and possibly other media (drawing, poetry, etc.).  Be thoughtful, but also have some fun with it!

The writing prompts provided below are optional.  Use them (if you wish) as a way into examining your discoveries, questions, and fears, as well as the connections you are able to make between contact improvisation and other facets of your studies and your life. 

Writing Prompts:

What is it like to rely on your sense of touch for communication?  Discuss your experiences of this in class.  If you wish, relate these to how you do or do not use touch to communicate outside of class.

Observation without judgment is central to the practice of contact improvisation.  What have you observed about your body/mind's response to the various explorations and exercises we've undertaken so far? How does your body/mind respond to the opportunity/obligation to make movement choices (for example, as the leader in some of the leader/follower improvisations that we've done)?

Length: approximately 2 pages handwritten (or double-spaced typed)

Due: At or before the start of class on Monday January 30

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