Framing questions or issues for Discussion - weekly forum posts

As noted in the assignment section every week a new discussion leader will be responsible for posting the questions or issues (by 3pm Firday) for everyone else in the class to reflect upon by Sunday at 5 pm.

There is no specific way that this must be done. The idea is that these questions should focus everyone's thinking on a particular issues or set of issues. It is easier for most people to respond to a question, but if you think that our discussion would be better served by reflecting on an issue rather than a direct question(s) then fine.

An example might be as follows:

This week we were asked to read two essays that problematize the Art History Survey. Mark Miller Graham frames his critique of the survey through a "critique of four notions common to the sturucture of the survey" (p. 30). Why does he choose these four notions? Why are they important? How do they relate do your own concerns (assuming you have any) with the survey both as a text (here think of Wilkins) and as a class? Also, how does Graham's critique relate to Salomon's? Are they essentially saying the same thing? Why or why not?

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