Reading questions for Gablik and Barrett -- Due Monday January 23

Suzi Gablik

Chapter 1

 1. Give yourself an opportunity to answer the questions from Eleanor Heartney on p. 39 and notice what comes up for you as you respond to each.

 2. What is Ellen Dissonayake’s definition of art?

 3. How does (and how doesn’t) Dissanayake’s concept apply to the modern world?

 4. How do the authors connect the shift in art behavior to larger shifts/problems in society?

 Chapter 4

5. What does Kramer believe (about what defines good art)?

Terry Barret

6. What is an honorific definition of art as versus a classificatory definition of art?

7. Which type of definition do you think most often underlies your own use of the word art?

Use these questions to help guide your reading. 

Answer the questions in writing and turn in on paper or via email by the start of Monday's class. 


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