Week 4. Environmental change and Disasters – What is the near-term and long-term outlook?

Rethinking the Introductory Art History Survey: A Practical, Somewhat Theoretical, and Inspirational Guide

Monday. February 6. Bob Engel

Thursday. February 9. In Wilmington – data collection. (outline of project due)




Daniels et. al, Part 1. NB: This reading is specific to New Orleans and the Katrina “catastrophe” as you read try to extrapolate the reading to Vermont, are there similarities?

Review material on the following websites:

NRDC blog on preparedness for Irene - http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/jdevine/are_east_coast_cities_prepared.html

United Nations “Making Cities Resilient” Campaign - http://www.unisdr.org/english/campaigns/campaign2010-2015/about/



First draft of projects, parameters, ideas, at least four resources that you have or will get to help from for the project, identify collaborators, specify your skill set, what are you bringing?





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