Course Description

This course will familiarize students with various theoretical approaches within the fields of feminist and queer theory. Rather than assume stable meanings for the terms “feminist theory” and “queer theory,” this course will interrogate the discursive work that these terms perform and the politics of who and what gets attributed to them. As a class, we will ask: how are gender and sexuality in a co-constitutive relationship with race, class and nation? How do these social categories depend on one another for their very meaning and coherence in the making of social relations and identities in the U.S. and beyond? What are the stakes in making knowledge claims in these areas and what are the possibilities for transforming social relations at this time. Topics covered include Intersectionality, transnational feminist praxis, Foucault’s History of Sexuality, reproductive justice, war, globalization, hetero-normativity and the criminalization of GLBT communities. It is recommended that students who take this course have previous experience reading theoretical writing in either the humanities or the social sciences.

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