Gas chromatograpy

    Ethyl acetate can form in wine and give it an off flavor reminiscent of nail polish remover, or according to some people, bananas.

    For each of the following questions try to prepare an expansive answer that provides some background and some details:

    • What is another name for ethyl acetate?
    • Do other acetates have similar scents?


    • What is the reaction by which ethyl acetate forms in wine?
      • Feel free to consult an organic chemistry textbook to investigate this question.
    • Why does this reaction occur?

     In the lab

    • How can you simulate the reaction that produces ethyl acetate in wine?
    • How can you evaluate this simulation of the synthesis?
    • What is gas chromatography (GC)?
    • Make a brief comparison between GC and TLC

    Lab 4 – finding sources, background reading, making a plan

    To get started please read this primer on gas chromatography, then answer the questions above.

     Also, here's the manual on using the GC, if you really want to delve

    Lab 5 – preliminary tests of plan and technique, evaluation of preliminary plan

    • Technique, controls, data collection and analysis

    Lab 6 – polishing plan and testing final plan

    • Plus, more mystery samples to evaluate!

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