Week 2. January 23 &26 - Introduction to Wilmington, planning and this class

Monday, January 23. Discuss course objectives, and give overview of course and discuss basic ideas and course content


How do communities function?

Whose responsibility is it to re-build after a disaster?

Who was affected?

Who wants what to happen now?

Participatory Rural Appraisal overview

Role of Government: federal, state, regional, local

Business Community

Not for Profit/Non Governmental/Advocacy community



Thursday. January 26. Travel to/meet in Wilmington – presentations: Joseph Cincotta, damage appraisal; Jim Burke, “The first 8 hours.”




Solnit, Prelude,

review web material on Irene – see in particular - http://www.wilmingtonvermont.us/ what happened in Wilmington on August 28th, 2011 and

Daniels et al. Introduction

And Becker, C. (2009). Disaster Recovery: a Local Government Responsibility. Public Management Magazine. Vol. 91, No. 2.

S. Carter, "The Varieties of (Not) Listening,"



Begin to “appraise” Wilmington, what can you see when you visit the town? What can’t you see? What questions do you have, where might you go to get answers to these questions?




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