Daily Readings

2 days

These two days will be dedicated to looking at Agriculture in Europe before the Columbian exchange.  We will return a bit to this topic with the columbian exchange and look at agriculture in the Early Modern period, so these two days will focus entirely on Medieval Europe.  The first day we will look at questions of grain yield and management and the second day we will look more broadly at diet and availability of other foodstuffs.

Tuesday, April 10


David Stone, Decision Making in Medieval Agriculture, Part I, Ebrary pages pp. 20-61; book page 1-40.  EBRARY

Adam Franklin-Lyons, “Grain Yields and Agricultural Practice at the Castle of Sitges, 1354-1411,” Savoirs De Campagne, Etudes Roussillonaise XXV. COURSES

Thursday, April 12


Read One of the Following and Skim the second text (Both Available through EBRARY):

Verhulst, Adriaan E. The Carolingian Economy. Cambridge University Press, 2002; pgs. 41-83.
Dunmire, William W. Gardens of New Spain: How Mediterranean Plants and Foods Changed America. University of Texas Press, 2004; pp. 1-30; plus look over the preface and prologue.
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