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In this section, we will continue with the themes of the first topic, but will look at language distribution as well as a number of contemporary ideas about the origins of agriculture (in particular, see the issue of Current Anthropology on reserve).  There will be further opportunity for students to investigate the origins of agriculture in various parts of the world.

Tuesday, 7 Feb.


Current Anthropology 50:5 (2009). Reserve

Please choose 4-5 articles from the main section, "Rethinking the Origins of Agriculture" and then read some of the comments and responses to those particular articles.  Plan ahead and think about photocopying if necessary since there is ONLY ONE RESERVE COPY.  Go HERE to see the table of contents and think about which artilces you'd like to read.

Thursday, 9 Feb.


Choose One Debate and Follow it Through to the End:

Debate One - Diaspora, Diffusion, Languages and Agriculture:
Peter Bellwood, “Early Agriculturalist Population Diasporas? Farming, Languages, and Genes,” Annual Review of Anthropology 30 (January 1, 2001): 181-207.

Martin Richards and Stephen Oppenheimer, "Polynesian origins: Slow boat to Melanesia?" Nature 410.6825 (March, 8 2001), p.166.

Jared Diamond, "Polynesian origins: Slow boat to Melanesia?" Nature 410.6825 (March, 8 2001), p.167.

Jared Diamond and Peter Bellwood, “Farmers and Their Languages: The First Expansions,” Science 300, no. 5619, New Series (April 25, 2003): 597-603.

Stephen Oppenheimer, “The  ’Express Train from Taiwan to Polynesia": On the Congruence of Proxy Lines of Evidence,” World Archaeology 36, no. 4 (December 1, 2004): 591-600.

Peter Bellwood and Jared Diamond, “On Explicit ‘Replacement’ Models in Island Southeast Asia: A Reply to Stephen Oppenheimer,” World Archaeology 37, no. 4 (December 1, 2005): 503-506.

Stephen Oppenheimer, “Response to Peter Bellwood and Jared Diamond (2005): ‘On Explicit “Replacement” Models in Island Southeast Asia: A Reply to Stephen Oppenheimer’,” World Archaeology 38, no. 4 (December 1, 2006): 715-717.

Debate Two - Agriculture's Influence on Inequality and Gender:

Read Current Anthropology 51:1 (2010) pgs. 7-65.  This includes three articles about wealth inequality and its place in the prehistoric record and some of the debate about the influence of agriculture and pastoralism.

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