Sample Grading Agreements

Sample 1: (a balanced approach)

     I would like to keep the minimum requirements as they are and attempt to fulfill the remaining writing through more short assignments rather than longer papers.  I hope to split the 5000 words evenly between forum posts and composed sectional responses.  I will submit forum posts at least 24 hours before the class covering the reading and will submit my reading responses within 24 hours after the end of the final class day for that topic.  I will complete at least 2000 words balanced between the two by Spring Break.

Participation                                  20%
In Class Presentation                     5%
Forum Posts                                 25%
     12-15 at around 150 words 
     (approx. 2000 words)
Reading Responses                      25%
     4 at 750 words each 
     (approx. 3000 words)
Research Paper                            25%
     (2500 words)

Sample 2: (a research approach)

     I am a junior with a clear plan topic in agricultural history and I would like to focus in depth on this topic throughout the course.  I intend to write a major research paper (5000 words) that could form the basis of one of my plan papers and would like to present on a couple of days of material that will form part of that research.  I will complete the remainder of my writing in forum posts and a pair of reading responses.  In order to facilitate my work on the research paper, I will try to complete all post and response writing before mid-terms (Friday, March 2).  Forum posts will be completed by midnight before the class discussion and reading responses will be completed before the first class day of the subsequent topic.

Participation                                   20%
Two In Class Presentations           10%
Forum Posts                                  10%
     6-7 at 150 words (1000 words)
Reading Responses                      10%
     2 at 750 words
Research Paper (5000 words)       50%

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