Course Requirements and Expectations

Agricultural History Expectations and Regulations

Required Texts:

  1. C. Wesley Cowan, Patty Jo Watson, and Nancy L. Benco, The origins of agriculture: an international perspective (University of Alabama Press, 2006).
  2. Daniel E Vasey, An An Ecological History of Agriculture 10,000 BC to AD 10,000 (Purdue University Press, 2002).


This is a reading and discussion intensive course.  As such, attendance at all classes and solid preparation for discussion are required.  Discussion and attendance are 20% of the final grade.  After the first absence, I will dock the grade 2% per missed class; as such, if a student misses 6 classes over the semester, it will be impossible to get an A.

Late Papers:

Because of the agreement setting of most of the writing for this class, there are almost no firm due dates other than those stipulated in your own personal contract.  However, the research paper cannot be due later than Saturday, May 5th at 5:00PM.  No work of any form will be accepted after Monday, May 10th at Noon.

Paper Style and Academic Integrity:

The standard historical citation form in historical research is the Chicago Manual of Style.  I am willing to accept other formats if you are more familiar with other forms.  However, whichever form of citation you use, I would prefer the use of footnotes with clear references to the work and page numbers for any idea, argument or direct quote which is not your own.  The only exception to this will be the citation style for a book review, which I will discuss in class.  If you want to use Chicago Manual, Ohio State has a reasonable online summary of many of the basic styles.  If you have any questions about when to cite and how to cite, feel free to ask me at any time.

Variable Credit:

Again, based on the varying structures of the writing for this class, I am ammenable to almost any type of credit arrangement that is reflected in the writing agreement for the semester.  I would prefer, generally, that the credit not go lower than 2 credits.

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