Emerging Class Rubric

This rubric is offered as a starting place to evaluate the work in this class. Feel free to comment or suggest modifications.

Wouldn't pass C range B range A range
# of posts 0 less than 3 3 or 4 4
problem posts no textual support problem is unclear; no explanation of nature of problem; no textual support. the problem only emerges at the end; vague textual support; incoherent connection to current issue. strong definition of the problem; careful use of text; original thinking; application to current issue.
solution posts vague use of text; weak voice; no details; abstractions override the proposed solution. emerging voice; adequate details; theorists entertained but never developed. vivid details; dead white theorists are revitalized; a clear sense of purpose.
absences more than four 4 3 1 or 2
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