Emerging Grading Rubric for Posts

This rubric begins the conversation about how we will evaluate our work. Feel free to comment and/or suggest modifications to the chart.

Wouldn't pass C range B range A range
# of posts 0 fewer than 5 5 or 6 7 to 8
argument posts no concepts; no argument concepts unclear; no connections drawn between the concepts; no textual support. clear concepts; connections drawn; vague textual support. clear concepts; multiple interpretations considered;original thinking.
place posts vague descriptions; no sense of place weak voice; no details; abstractions override the concrete location. emerging voice; adequate details; multiple perspectives entertained but never developed. strong sense of locality; vivid details; polyphonic and visceral.
exegesis doesn't respond to reading. Operates on the level of the abstract or general; ignores the words for the sentiment; uses passage as a springboard to somewhere else in the text. Stays with the passage; examines individual words. Plays with the passage; reveals new smells, new colors, new ways of thinking about the sentence.
absences more than four 4 3 1 or 2
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