Course Requirements and Expectations

Required Material:

There are no required textbooks for this course.  Every student should go to Zotero and download the basic software; it works best with Firefox, but can also talk to Chrome and Safari and will work on both Mac and PC platforms.  Please play around with the basic capacities of this software before the first class.  You will also need to Register with Zotero and send us your username (this can be the same as your Marlboro name if you like) - most of the online reading for the course will be available through Zotero.  If you want to experiment with other software, you can also try out Mendeley which is a different sort of bibliography software.  We will discuss both in the first class.  Finally, make sure to look at the material on the Courses server.


This is a hands on course.  As such, attendance at all classes and solid preparation are required.  In the section on assignments, it should be noted that discussion and attendance are 20% of the final grade.  After the first absence, we will dock the grade 5% per missed class; as such, if a student misses 3 classes over the semester, it will be impossible to get an A.

Late Papers:

In general, while we will give credit to papers turned in late, the material always responds directly to work covered in class and, as such, is likely to deteriorate in quality the further in the semester we get from the due date.  Additionally, we will provide limited or no feedback if work is submitted to late.  Lastly, because the video presentations will be part of the homework for your classmates, these cannot be accepted late and will receive no credit if not done on time.  No work will be accepted after Monday, May 10th at Noon.

Paper Style and Academic Integrity:

Because this is a cross disciplinary Humanities course, many citations styles are possible, and we will discuss how to produce many of them using Zotero.  Whichever form of citation you use, we would like clear references to the work and page numbers for any idea, argument or direct quote which is not your own (there will also be a discussion about plagiarism).  If you have any questions about when to cite and how to cite, feel free to ask us at any time.

Variable Credit:

Because of the participatory nature of this class and its relatively high demand variable credit will in general not be possible.  If there is space in the course and you have a compelling reason it will be considered, but generally this will be discouraged.

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