Course Policies


Attendance is mandatory. Most of the work for this class will be done during classes and observation time.  Your participation in class is of extreme importance. Please, let me know ahead of time if, and why, you will miss a class.


Homework will be assigned during the semester. Part of  the homework  will be organizing and structuring the observation time. The second part of the homework will be small assignments that will be constitute two bigger projects (see below).

Late work will damage you and the class. Late work will not be accepted without prior arrangement.  Students are encouraged to work together on the homework assignments. However, your final write-up of the solutions must represent your own understanding; Copying another person's work is plagiarism and will result in no credit for that assignment.


During the semester the students will have to accomplish two major projects. The first will  focus on constellations.  The final project will consist of organizing an evening of observation open to the whole Marlboro Community.

Academic Honesty is expected of all scientists, and also of all students. Cheating on homework or the final exam will result in no credit.

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