Daily Readings

General Questions:

Why did hunter gatherers switch to sedentary agriculture?  What are the global differences in motivation, timing, and patterns of agricultural adoption?  What was the impact of agricultural adoption on early human populations?

Readings to finish before class on:

January 24

Vasey, Ecological History of Agriculture, 3-43.

January 26

Vasey, Ecological History of Agriculture, 44-84.

January 31

Marshall Sahlins, Excerpt from Stone-Age Economics (Transaction Publishers, 1972).
David Kaplan, “The Darker Side of the ‘Original Affluent Society’,” Journal of Anthropological Research 56, no. 3 (October 1, 2000): 301-324.
Nurit Bird-David et al., “Beyond ‘The Original Affluent Society’: A Culturalist Reformulation [and Comments and Reply],” Current Anthropology 33, no. 1 (February 1, 1992): 25-47.

February 2

Cowan and Watson, Origins of Agriculture, 1-6 and 207-212; plus pick two chapters assigned in class.

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