Below I listed tracks of the Grey Album. Each track is associated with a student in the course.
Listen to the Album in the customary way. Then trace the "genealogy" of each of the musical elements associated with your track. Trace the sounds to an original track in the Beatle's White Album — You'll need to listen to this album as well — and speculate on contextual linkage between the two. Write your conclusions in the form of an essay.

"What More Can I say": Maia

"December 4": Ellie

"99 Problems": Justin

"Dirt off Your Shoulder": Simeon

"Moment of Clarity": Rebecca

"Change Clothes": Nina

"Justify My Thug": Emily

"My First Song": Brett

...and, if you like doing this kind of thing, the following tracks are up for grabs if you'd like to try for seconds:



"Public Service Announcement"

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