The goal of this assignment is to create a graphic/textual/notated representation of n improvised solo, from the perspective of 3 musical "parameters." The idea is to convey by what ever means possible — text, symbols or music notation — how those parameters evolve and change through the solo. The result could look like a map, a spreadsheet, some kind of a annotated score or a combination of the above.

While the resulting work is not in prose, the choice of descriptors is crucial. In order for the mapping to convey accurately the goings on in the music, vague words, slang, or made up terms and idioms should be avoided. It is always helpful to use commonly used music vocabulary: terms denoting amplitude (dynamics), texture, timbre, etc., are commonly understood.  Otherwise, define as precisely as you can your usage of a word. "Density" is a good term to use to describe the amount of "musical information" in a given period of time, but you will need to explain the scope of activity you are describing with the usage of the word.

Finally, your choice of parameters to map is likewise crucial. You will need to find the most salient, or "active" elements of the music, ones that stand in sharpest relief. An improvisation using three pitches might not provide an interesting map with pitch as one of the parameters.

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