Evocative Objects Writing Assignment


In the style of the evocative object essays and perhaps in conjunction with the readings to date, place the work you make in context.

The essay should be a minimum of 750 words.  Your writing will be evaluated on the organization and clarity of thought. 

You may choose to focus on one object or a body of work.  The essay should address:
- your motivation, or idea
- how the piece (or pieces) was e(were) executed, and what those methods may convey
- sources of influence or inspiration – this could include other mediums, movies, magazines, popular culture, your own history, cultural understanding, beliefs
- how your work may convey elements of your personal experience to the user/viewer

- it may be useful to consider the objects you choose to surround yourself with – anything from clothing, writing utensils, home furnishings, collections contribute to your aesthetic sensibility and reflect your time/place/cultural history.  These reflections may be included in the essay.
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