The final project for the course will consist of a 5 minute composition/ guided improvisation in which you improvise in the foreground and the rest of the class playing roles you assign them.

In order to refine the performance, you will need to commit each role to writing. written indications can take the form of a written musical score, a flow chart with musical parameters and / or pitches assigned, etc..
--You will need to produce a rough draft of the project for my review by Thursday, November  17.-- During that week we will meet to review the project in person for critiques and/or suggestions.

Performances of the projects will take place on the week of  November 28 through December 1 during class time, with Monday, December 5 reserved as a possible "extras" day.

You are strongly encouraged to bring your project for review well ahead of deadline; you may wish to revise it a few times. 
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