Response Paper and Discussion Leadership Assignments

Discussion Leadership

Once during the semester, you and a partner will lead the class discussion. You are responsible for promoting an engaged and lively discussion as well as ensuring that your classmates gain an in-depth analysis of the relevant concepts and themes presented in that week’s readings. This assignment has three core requirements:

1. A 10-15 minute presentation summarizing the topic of the week’s readings, the main arguments of each text and any supplemental information you deem relevant to your classmate’s understanding of the week’s topic.

2. Discussion Questions to facilitate collective analysis of the readings. These questions should be printed out and distributed to your classmates in order to guide discussion.

3. A Cultural Artifact. You and your partner should bring a cultural artifact to stimulate discussion and deepen the analysis in the classroom. Think about what would complicate the conversation. Cultural artifacts could include an object, a representation related to prisons, a youtube video, or any other text, object or symbol related to the week’s readings. Be creative.

Response Papers

You are responsible for writing three response papers during the second half of the semester. Papers are due on the Thursday of each week. Additionally, papers are due during the week the class is engaged in studying the text. For example, if you decide to write about the reading from Luana Ross’ book Inventing the Savage, your paper would be due on November 10th. Papers focused on a given week’s readings will not be accepted after the class has moved on from that topic. Each paper should be 3-4 pages and should be analytical and somewhat formal. Papers can address a specific passage from a reading, or the implications of a reading’s argument as a whole. The point here is to make an analytical argument about a reading, to write in a concise and cogent manner, and to stay tightly focused on the text.

Response papers are due between weeks 7 and 13. You may only write one paper per week. Do not leave all of your papers to weeks 11, 12 and 13. Space them out over the available weeks, taking into account work on your final paper and the workload from your other classes.

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