As we approach the midpoint of the semester, please take some time to assess your work in class thus far.

1. Participation:
Refer back to the Participation Rubric (posted on Courses) and evaluate your own participation in each of the four areas. Rather than just assigning yourself a number for each, write a short narrative explaining your assessment of your work in each area.

2. Progress:
Of all the ideas we've explored thus far, which of them have "clicked" for you (as in, which are making the most sense in your body)?
Which of the concepts that we've explored thus far would you like more time to work on?
What questions do you have at this point in the semester?

3. Goals:
Set at least one goal for yourself for your ongoing work in this class.

Length: 1-2 pages typed double spaced
Due: In class on Monday Oct. 3 (or by email before class)
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