Your sets should consist of four pieces at least plus a tray or other unifying device.
The sets/components listed here are only suggestions, not the only solution!

Research could include library resources, contemporary design books and magazines, shops in town, catalogs like ikea

Out of date?:  if you choose one of the following sets, consider the changes in society that have occurred and explore a contemporary manifestation of these sets.

DESK SET:  tray, letter holder, stamp box, ink blotter, calendar holder, inkwell and insert, blotter corners
DRESSER SET:  tray, hatpin holder, cologne bottle, pin dish, perfume bottle, trinket dish or box, powder box, ring tree
SMOKE SET:  a tray, ashtray, humidor, tobacco jar, match holder and cigarette holder

Other set possibilities:

BERRY SET:  larger perforated bowl, underplate and smaller plates
BATHROOM SET:  toothbrush holder, soap dish, cup, containers for other items i.e.: cotton balls, tampons, q-tips what else?
CONSOLE or MANTLE SET: bowl, pair of candlesticks, vases or urns
CONDIMENT SET:  mustard pot, salt and peper shakers, toothpick holder, tray
SPECIFIC FOOD SET:  lemonade or cider – pitcher, cups and tray
CORN SETt:  serving tray and smaller plates.  What about the condiments?
BREAD SET:  basket and smaller plates

Something particular to Vermont/Marlboro
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