From Rebirth to Reform: Art and Society in Renaissance Italy

Erin Benay
Fall Semester, 2008
Monday/Wednesday 11:30-12:50
Apple Tree

Leading the Class Discussion

The Basic Idea:

Each student will guide the class discussion of an article at least once during the semester. You will never be a class Discussion Leader by yourself but instead will work with one or two other members of the class. Everyone will read the article you are responsible for, but only you will be in charge of guiding and shaping our discussing of that article and the material covered by the author.

The Details:

o Discussion Leaders will be selected for the various class readings within the first week or two of class. I will give you a quick sense of what each reading is about, and you should choose a reading that appeals to you. I will try to give everyone his or her first choice, but this will not always be possible.

o With your partner(s), do a close reading of the article. Next, come up with a list of interesting and important questions derived from the text. You should post these questions on our Courses page at least one full day before the class for which the article is due.

o In the meantime, email me a list of images that you and your partner feel we will need for class. I will provide the images for our class discussion.

o Finally, on the day of our class discussion of your article, you and your partner(s) will come to class prepared to help students through the conversation about your article. This might include preparing a list of definitions of difficult vocabulary used by the author, or asking students to do a little free writing at the start of class. You and your partner(s) are free to guide the discussion in any way that you see fit (and that is still productive).

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