1) Finish response to questions due 9/5, if you had not done so.
Also, be sure to read the two essays on my web site.

Come up with three different proposals/ideas for a group project. Consider:materials, timing, purpose
I am still looking for an interesting and brief introductory essay concerning collaborative practice.

Having thought about it more I realize that our real effort in the next class is to get your individual semester projects underway; therefore, come in with a written proposal for your semester's work, the work that you want to use this class for critiquing. One page. What materials do you plan to use? What supports and scale do you plan to work at? How many of what are you planning? What is the process you plan to follow? What is the content/subject matter of this work?

You will each have 10 minutes to present your work and plan to the group for comments.
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