Thurs. Sept. 4 (11:30)

Intro Class

Why this class? Why now?

Mon. Sept. 8

What matters?

Lucretius, Books I & II

Thurs. Sept. 11

Illusion’s craft

Lucretius, Books III & IV

Mon. Sept. 15

How porous things are

Lucretius, Books V & VI

Thurs. Sept. 18

Montaigne begins…

Montaigne, “To the Reader” I:1-4

Mon. Sept. 22

… as a Stoic

Montaigne, I: 18-21

Thurs. Sept. 25

Conscience & Cruelty

Montaigne, II:5,6, 11

Mon. Sept. 29

How we talk

Montaigne, III:2,8

Thurs. Oct. 2

On Vanity

Montaigne, III:9

Mon. Oct. 6

A return to Stoicism?

Montaigne, III:10

Thurs. Oct. 9

Whose Body is it?

General Discussion

Five-pager due

Mon. Oct. 13

On knowing one’s own truth

Montaigne, III: 12

Thurs. Oct. 16

Material Experience

Montaigne, III: 13

Mon. Oct. 20

Walter Hendrick’s Day

No Class

Thurs. Oct. 24

Biology determines what?

Beauvoir xix-xlii, Ch. 1

Mon. Oct. 27

Other explanations

Beauvoir, Ch. II & III

Thurs. Oct. 30

Woman as Other

Beauvoir, Ch. IX

Mon. Nov. 3

Becoming a Woman

Beauvoir, Ch. XII

Thurs. Nov. 6

How Repression Works

Foucault, Part 1 & 2

Mon. Nov. 10

Foucault & Beauvoir

General Discussion Five-pager due

Thurs. Nov. 13

Scientia Sexualis

Foucault Part 3

Mon. Nov. 17

How science owns us

Foucault Part 4

Thurs. Nov. 20

Who defines life?

Foucault Part 5

Mon. Nov. 24

Types of bodies

Williams, Part I

Thurs. Nov. 27

Thanksgiving Vacation

Mon. Dec. 1

Words and bodies

Williams, Part II & III

Thurs. Dec. 4

Don’t get fooled again

Finish Williams

Mon. Dec. 8

Final Class

Final Projects Due

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