Course Requirements & Expectations

All written work (except in-class freewrites, and exams) should be typed in 12 point font, 1” margins, and double spaced. Be sure to edit, proof read, spell check and staple your work. Keep an electronic copy. No late submissions will be accepted.

  1. Attendance & Participation: Attendance will be documented in this course. It is vital that you attend class because of the highly theoretical readings assigned. In order to be successful on the midterm and to successfully utilize these theories in your final paper, it will be necessary to unpack this material with your classmates and the instructor. Participation will be assessed by your preparation for class and your participation in class discussions, as well as the online discussion forums. As engaged and meaningful participation looks different for each student, participation will be graded by both the instructor, and the student. As a class, we will develop our rubric for participation democratically. However, there are some basics to good participation. Please bring assigned texts, whether electronic readings or books to class so we can refer to them. It is crucial that you come to class on time, having read the readings and ready to engage the material. In order to be prepared it is crucial for you to regularly check your Marlboro email account. Periodically, I will send out reminders and other important information, so please make checking your email and the course website a habit. And finally, when you come to class, please turn off your cell phone or set to vibrate. This is a matter of basic respect for the learning of your classmates.
  2. Critical Reading Assignments: Periodically there will be short written assignments to help you to develop your comprehension of the concepts and theories of the course. Some of those assignments are listed below in the course schedule. One of those assignments will be a 1-2 critical reading outline regarding Nikil Signh’s book Black is a Country…. Another of these assignments will be a 1 page summary of a theoretical passage from Judith Butler’s “Performative Acts and Gender Constitution..” Students may also be asked to complete freewriting during the class period.
  3. Midterm Exam: Thursday October 6th during class. Tuesday October 4th, we will have a review session in class where we will go over the material covered in the course thus far. The midterm will consist of approximately 10 multiple choice questions, 4 short answer questions and one analysis/essay question.
  4. Final Paper Project: This project will consist of a paper proposal due on Thursday November 3rd in class, a 12-15 page paper due Tuesday, December 6th, and a presentation of the paper topic during the final exam period.
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