Times: TBA(!)
Professor: Matan Rubinstein Email: matan@marlboro.edu
Office hours by appointment (flexible- mostly Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
Course Syllabus
Course Goals:
Playing a repertoire of Jazz pieces in a small ensemble setting, exploring music ranging from standard literature to original works and arrangements. We shall use “Jazz” as a convenient label to be utilized without adhering on actual music – stylistically we will be unbound.

Rehearsal procedures
We will (probably) meet once a week for a 2.5 hour session. The time will mostly be spent on playing through material, though I may take some time to go over some issue or other related to more general concerns.
Concert Schedule
Concert schedule for the semester will be given by the second week of class.
Expectations and Grading
Attendance of performances is mandatory. An unexcused absence from a concert is grounds for lowering a grade by two letters (i.e. A to C). Excused absences MUST be approved AT LEAST a week prior to concert date, and all medical / academic / personal issues be confirmed by letters carrying official letterhead (Dr. Office, Office of Student Life, etc.)
Attendance and preparation:
All rehearsals must be attended. Two absences from a rehearsal would result in lowering the grade by a letter unless they are cleared in advance. The procedure for excused absences is identical to concert dates. When given material to practice, you will be expected to have it ready by next rehearsal.  The way to quantify preparation is as follows: An unprepared session is computed as half an absence. Thus, 6 unprepared sessions will be equivalent to 3 absences, and lower you grade by a letter.

The Blues Project:
We will start every rehearsal with a new 12 Bars Blues tune. Each student is responsible to bring in a chart every week. Charts must be transposed to the available instruments and proofread. Follow the procedure for original compositions below. A schedule for students’ session for tunes will be determined at the first week of rehearsals. It is the responsibility of the individual students to prepare their submission in a timely manner, and resolve scheduling problems among their fellow band members.
Original Compositions/Arrangements
Contributing an original compositions and arrangements are highly encouraged. A few guidelines for submission:
1. Music composed and arranged by students should be given to me (Matan) for approval. It may be that further work is needed on the chart.
2. Make sure your music is proofread and legible: It will not be approved until it is error free and easily legible. See me for help.
3. In order to save precious rehearsal time, all music submitted must be transposed for the instruments of the ensemble prior to rehearsal, and if arranged, a score must be made available. All score and parts must be approved before rehearsal.
4. Original music can not be guaranteed to be performed in concert, though every effort will be made to do so.  Every piece submitted successfully will be read in rehearsal–an invaluable experience for a composer.

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