Attendance Policy

  • You may be absent up to 2 times (for illness, family emergencies, religious observances, etc.) with no grading repercussions. Each absence beyond the initial two will drop your final grade by a number of points (4) equal to the percentage of class time missed, and NO CREDIT will be given for the course if more than 7 classes are missed (even if some are made up). You are responsible for material missed due to absence. A limited number of absences may be made up by making arrangements with the instructor. 
  • Please be on time for class. Three late arrivals will be counted as one absence.


Sitting Out

  • Those who observe class due to illness, injury or tardiness, must actively participate by making written observations (to be shown to instructor at the end of class) in order to receive credit for attending the class. These observations should not be merely a record of exercises. Rather, they should include thoughtful reflection on movement specifics, corrections given to others, and ideas about how you can integrate what you learned by watching into your dancing. It is the your responsibility to make observations and turn them in without prompting by the instructor.
Last modified: Monday, December 19, 2011, 9:18 AM